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Disclaimer: Our client has requested to remain anonymous but were willing to share their story. Like they say in the movies, “Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the individuals. The company name, logo and pictures are fictitious. If you wish to hear more about this story, please schedule a free consultation.

One of the routine checkpoints in our engagement is a review of our clients financial statements. One of the key reports is the income statement.

The income statement captures revenue, expenses & the difference (net income / loss)

When we started working with this client we noticed sporadic and volatile expenses to supply vendors. After light discovery, we learned that the client was leaving money on the table by paying premium prices for point in time ordering.

We analyzed their trailing twelve month expenses to discern the following:

  • seasonality
  • natural order size
  • A/B reorder points
  • true demand planning
  • purchasing frequency
  • credit terms

After 2 months, we saved our client $45,289

We accomplished this by implementing blanket orders to key suppliers and negotiating favorable terms for order minimums of critical components used in production.

"Wait. So you're saving me somewhere north of $300K per year with cleaner ops and better vendor terms. That's way more than you cost me. I see the ROI. I feel the ROI. Thank you. Why did our previous accountant never suggest this?"

Key Takeaway:

A thorough review of a company's financial statements are often the key opportunities to uncover solutions to scale efficiently.

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“We leverage leading practices and disruptive technology to do more than just balance the books. We're actually building the business. And that's our edge.”
Robert L Whittley CPA
CEO & Founder

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