Responsible Growth

At Healthy Coin, one of our financial goals as a company is to grow, but to do so responsibly. We want to stay intentionally small.

To that end, we’ve decided not to invest heavily in building a sales and marketing team. Instead, we are relying on a network of agency partners and affiliates to bring business to our door. Make sense?


our SELL

Our Evangelists are key partners in building our business. We’re proud to offer a commission structure that’s favorable and competitive. Click to learn more.

our WHY

Our Evangelist program is structured this way because we’re optimizing for long term partnerships that consistently refer us business and compound in value overtime. Because commissions can be paid forever, our company, our evangelists, and our customers’ incentives are perfectly aligned — we all succeed together!

We’re specifically looking for affiliates that refer high potential customers to us, and care about the success of the customer beyond the initial sale.

As a Healthy Coin Evangelist you’ll receive 1-on-1 sales training and will have priority access to customer support. We’ll also work with you directly to identify the types of content that you’re uniquely qualified to create that will most effectively generate new business

our respsonsibility

Our responsibility is to occupy a position of trust and confidence. It is our primary goal to work with undivided loyalty to our clients.

This is the same pitch we sell to our clients. And the same goes for you.

So, rest assured. This is a company that helps people win with money. It is not a scheme, you do not need to invest money into this to start, this is not an MLM, you have full autonomy, you can pick your own hours, you can stop anytime, you eat what you kill, we want you to be our biggest fan and cheerleader.



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