Financial Therapy is designed to help

people change the way they think

and feel about money


Why does this matter?

Financial therapy is where money and emotions meet.

We use a heuristic approach that aims to uplift, empower, motivate and educate our clients in making lasting cognitive and behavioral changes that positively impact their relationship with money.


In our culture, money is a taboo subject.

Financial trauma has become a reality for so many. Also, it's a trauma that we aren't ready to talk about with family or friends. This is isolating.

Money is something we engage with daily. We make it, spend it, save it, lend it, donate it. We owe it to ourselves to monitor our relationship with money the same way we would anything else that we interact with so much.

Financial therapy might be right for you if you have feelings of anxiety, shame, fear, remorse, guilt or hopelessness.



There's someone I can talk to about money feelings?

Yes! It's called financial therapy.

Do you work with singles and couples?


What is your pricing structure?

Our fees are essentially $2 per minute. We offer 25-minute and 50-minutes session.

Why do you charge $2 per minute?

Pricing is about value. We charge our rate based on knowledge, experience, credentials, licensing, skills, tools, time to plan and prepare, taxes and insurance.

Do you do free consultations?

Sorry, but no. We tried this, and unfortunately it did not work. Over the years we encountered too many people that merely wanted free advice and never intended to use our services.

Do you accept insurance?
No, we do not.

What are the main reasons people seek out financial therapy?

> feeling unworthy of nice things
> difficulty making decisions related to spending
> missing out on life experiences due to financial stress
> money mismanagement or compulsive overspending
> financial disagreements within the family unit
> uncertainty of how to ask for a raise
> feeling “obsessed” with making money 
> feeling distressed by vendor bills

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