When we say 'health is wealth',

we're definitely talking about

mental health


What does
Healthy Coin do for mental health professionals? 

We work with psychologists, social workers, clinical professional counselors, PsyD's, LCSW's and therapists.

We focus on the financial health of the firm, which allows you to focus on your patients. Having worked with over 50 mental health providers, we understand the accounting and tax rules for your industry and also how to address your unique needs. We add value by handling the day to day accounting and bookkeeping, providing insight into financial forecasts, exposing spending trends, and advising on how to generate more revenue, lower tax burden and maximize profits.

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Our mental health professionals love to ask us questions.

> I work from home. Will my patients see my address?

> Should I form an LLC? Wait. What's an LLC?

> How much should I pay myself? And how?

> How much should I be saving for taxes?

> What types of expenses are deductible?

> How do I plan for retirement?

> When should I hire additional therapists?

> How do I know I'm doing this right?

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