Individual Tax Preparation & Planning

We work with our clients, not the IRS.

We provide high quality income tax preparation services with a focus on personal and professional service. We’re real people that care about saving you money on taxes.

We’re not a robot.

We don’t just fill inboxes. We use software to be efficient but there’s more than an algorithm in our workflow. Take a look at some of our recent client success stories to get a feel for what we mean.


We do the heavy lifting.

You want someone who can stay on top of the increasingly complex tax laws and take advantage of all the credits and deductions that you deserve. Your tax needs are as individual as you are, so our approach to your tax planning and return preparation is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you have an immediate financial concern or need long-term solutions, we can apply our solid understanding of the tax code to your specific situation.

Shoutout to the DIY demographic.

Preparing your own tax return is 100% feasible. Most taxpayers (like 85%) don’t need a CPA to prepare them. There. I said it. But chances are…if you’re reading this, you know that your situation is a tad bit more challenging and it’s not as easy as it sounds. Or. You’ve got something better to do with 5 hours of your time. The U.S. tax code is so complicated that even filing a relatively simple return can produce questions the average person can’t answer. You can easily overlook credits and deductions that you’re entitled to, costing you money. While a tax software system can help, it will never replace the insight of a real tax professional. So, we have two options here. You can pay us to do it for you while you go enjoy a nice dinner. Or you can buy our low-cost DIY guide to complete them yourself. Hmmm…I guess there’s three options. You can leave us here and decide to do something else.

Tax will be the #1 expense you pay every year.

Yes we're biased but I'd want someone driving down my #1 expense every year.

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Individual Tax Preparation & Planning

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