Healthy Coin

A boutique accounting firm making the case that health is wealth.


What does 'Health is Wealth' mean exactly? 

What could be more important to wealth creation than health? A strong body, sound mind and purpose is all we have and need to build something meaningful. Wealth. Why does wealth matter? The pursuit of wealth is actually the pursuit of freedom. Wealth is the impromptu tea party in the living room with your daughter, the slowly sipped coffee, the 150 minute brunch with your spouse, the blue light matinee with your parents, the solo walk in the park. Health is wealth.

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why choose HEALTHY COIN

We do transformational. Not transactional.

Transformational business models are charismatic and visionary. We inspire and motivate our clients in ways that go beyond exchanges and compliance. We ask personal questions. We peel back the layers. We double click for clarity. We tease out what success, failure, health, wealth, happiness and legacy look like in real life. What they feel like in real life. We support growth. We don’t work with clients that want to stay stagnant.

We choose the transformation model because it enables our passion to be the expression of value and importance.

In contrast, transactional models are based more on exchanges.

Do I have to do X? Yes, you have to do X. Here’s an invoice for the answer X.

While efficient and commonplace, this does not work long term because a relationship is never formed. Transactional models can’t anticipate problems or proactively plan because the default behavior is reactive.

We do transformational. Not transactional.

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Our team

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What our clients says about us.

“ Robert is a wonderful accountant and all around beautiful human being.”
Hialy Gutierrez + Justice Cream
“ Since meeting Robert and working alongside Healthy Coin - I have had some of the most honest, sincere, and engaging professional relationships of my life. Robert is forthright, hardworking, and seeks to impress!”
Fabrice Lubin + For Real Therapy
“ Healthy Coin Saved my life!”
Amanda Diambri + Electric Locks LLC
“ Healthy Coin has exceeded every obstacle I faced!”
Drew Freund + Lakeview Hair Loft
“They are amicable, polite and professional!”
Katharina Mark + Katzen Creative

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